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Social Security Disability Lawyer

Unfortunately, for many individuals, a serious physical or mental injury prevents them from working, either now or in the future. We understand that life with a disability can be difficult. Further, the financial burden it places on you and your family only makes matters worse.

The Social Security Administration does provide disabled individuals monthly benefits to help with lost income and coverage for medical expenses. However, as with any government program, the application process can be drawn out and complicated. This is a time when the assistance of an experienced Social Security Disability attorney can help.

If you are disabled and have applied for Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (SSDI) and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), chances are you have discovered that the process is much more complicated than you expected. Your application may have been denied, even though you are truly disabled. The process can become frustrating and difficult to deal with. In addition to your disability, you may be unable to pay your bills and support your family without the help of your regular income. Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (SSDI and SSI) should be your safety net in this situation.

Looking To Claim Social Security Disability Benefits After A Personal Injury?​

Fitzgerald & Bomier will aggressively help you and your dependents obtain your well deserved SSDI and SSI benefits. As a local law firm, let us fight for your rights, while you focus on the needs of you and your family. Our lawyers have handled hundreds of SSDI and SSI cases with an unprecedented success rate. We fully understand which medical records, reports, and statements from your treating doctors are absolutely necessary when establishing your disability before the administrative law judge who will decide your claim. We will provide you with excellent legal representation from beginning to end. Finally, our attorneys are always accessible to meet with you in person, provide you with prompt information and updates, and promise consistent communication. All consultations are free and all attorney fees are contingent on your successful recovery.

Fitzgerald & Bomier is one of Northeast Wisconsin’s leading law firms, practicing solely in the areas of Social Security Disability and Workers’ Compensation. Call our Fox Valley attorneys today. Let us fight for the benefits you deserve!

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